Hong Kong

I rise to raise the very serious issues facing the people of Hong Kong which have manifested themselves in the last several weeks. I, like many other Australians, have visited Hong Kong and have been struck by its vibrant culture and the particular desire of young Hongkongers for freedom and democracy. I therefore have ... More

Local Environment and Kelly’s Bush

The electorate of North Sydney is bordered by the beauty of Sydney Harbour, the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers and Middle Harbour. We are a community as we are a city that has been shaped by these incredible waterways. This is a phenomena of not just recent times but ancient as well. The harbour was to have a profound ... More


I've always been an enthusiastic supporter of electric vehicles and the immense and vital potential they have to support our emissions reduction targets. Nineteen per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions come from the transport sector. The uptake of EVs will be essential in reducing Australia's emissions to net ... More


I'm disappointed but certainly not surprised that Labor has again decided to mislead Australians about Medicare. Labor said the government would privatise Medicare in 2016. We did not. Labor said the government would make cuts to Medicare at the 2019 election. We did not. Again, in 2021, Labor is attempting to scare ... More

Rotary Centenary

 This year is an important year for Rotary as it celebrates its centenary in Australia. It was in 1921, 16 years after Paul Harris established the first Rotary club in Chicago, that Rotary reached our stores. In that year, four clubs were formed in Sydney and Melbourne and across the ditch in Auckland and Wellington. ... More

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

It is with great pleasure that I speak about the bill before the House this afternoon because this legislation, this amendment of the legislation establishing the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, is one of the most important reforms, one of the most important pieces of legislation, for the future of the great harbour that ... More

Digital Games Tax Offset

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused lockdowns across our nation, almost every Australian business went online. As the Prime Minister said only two weeks ago, every business in Australia is now a digital business, and it is likely to be one of the enduring legacies of the pandemic. That is why I really welcome the Morrison ... More

Willoughby United Netball Club

Netball plays a big part in the life of our local community, and my region of Sydney is home to the largest netball association in Australia—in fact, probably in the world. This year, 2021, marks the 50th anniversary of one of our oldest clubs, Willoughby United, which began playing in the Northern Suburbs Netball ... More

Red Shield Appeal 2021

This coming weekend, thousands of volunteers across Australia will be joining the Salvos in knocking on doors for the annual Red Shield Appeal. The Salvation Army does such incredible work for those who need a helping hand, and the Red Shield Appeal is vital to their efforts to support the most vulnerable in our community. ... More

Bicentennial of Greek Independence

Two and a half thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks built the foundation of our modern democratic traditions. Democracy, translated from the Greek for 'people power', even in its earliest forms, represented concepts we hold dear today: liberty, freedom and government by the people. Yet that freedom was not to be enduring ... More