Lane Cove Rotary Fair and the Crows Nest Festival

  • October 15, 2019

Across Australia, communities are coming together at fetes and festivals to celebrate the arrival of spring and warmer weather. My electorate is no different, and I particularly want to acknowledge all of those involved in two of our biggest community events, the Lane Cove Rotary Fair and the Crows Nest Festival.

Last Sunday, thousands of residents came together for the Lane Cove fair, which was once again a great success. The fair is organised by Lane Cove Rotary and Lane Cove Council. I particularly thank the mayor, Pam Palmer, and council staff; and all those volunteering from Rotary, including current president Stephen Miller, Councillor David Brooks-Horn, Lalitha Warren, Harry Clarsen, Vlad Kotlyar and Patty Wilson-Cust.

This Sunday we will again celebrate the strength of our community at the Crows Nest Festival, which is entering its 30th year. With over 200 stallholders, the festival continues to grow and now attracts something like 60,000 visitors in the course of the day. I want to congratulate North Sydney’s mayor, Jilly Gibson, and her team; along with the Crows Nest Mainstreet committee, including chairman Anthony Melinz, Vince Caruso, Zar Bingham, Dennis and Peter Xenos, David French, Rudi Dietz and Andrew Morgan, for all their work.

Both events feature local businesses, arts and crafts, fitness opportunities, community organisations, food and a dazzling array of rides for the kids, both literally and figuratively. They are massive logistical undertakings, and we are grateful to all those involved for their work. They are great days which reflect the vibrancy of the community that I have the honour of representing in this place.