Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

This evening I rise to reflect on what I believe is one of the most important statutory bodies established by the Commonwealth government and the Australian parliament. I refer to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. I say that it is one of the most important because this trust, established almost 20 years ago in legisla... More

Constituency Statement: Coronavirus

I rise to talk about the risks of the coronavirus, which I know is causing anxiety for all Australians, including many of my residents. That's perhaps understandable when we see some of the imagery coming from other countries around the world. But I want to make the clear point that Australia is not one of those countries. ... More

British Pensioners

At every level, Australia's relationship with the United Kingdom is deep and enduring. We share so much in terms of our people-to-people contacts, our values and our history. It therefore saddens me to have to raise a dark blot on that relationship. I refer to the treatment of the 234,000 people who have migrated to ... More

Environmental Conservation and the National Plastics Summit

Plastic makes up around 80 per cent of all marine litter. In 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight. That is why I'm proud to be part of a government that takes plastic pollution in our oceans so seriously. At today's National Plastics Summit, around 200 industry representat... More

North Sydney Electorate: Australia Day Awards

I rise today to congratulate those in my electorate who were honoured on Australia Day this year by their appointment to the Order of Australia. These awards and honours highlight that, as Australians, we are all part of something greater than ourselves. I'd particularly like to recognise Professor Bruce Robinson—one of ... More

Statement on the Coronavirus

My electorate reflects the wonderful multiculturalism of modern Australia and it is home to one of Sydney's largest Australian Chinese communities. Those with Chinese heritage contribute enormously to our community, and I am proud to represent them in this parliament, as I am all my constituents. Like all of us, the ... More

My Condolence Speech on the Bushfires

 I'm pleased to have the opportunity to support the condolence motion moved by the Prime Minister. My electorate of North Sydney has been distant from harm's way during the horrific bushfire season Australians are witnessing this summer. However, for much of December and January, we have been reminded by the smoke-filled ... More

Constituency Statement: North Sydney Community Awards

Last month I was very pleased to host my fourth North Sydney Community Awards at Norths Leagues Club in Cammeray. True heroes are all around us, often working behind the scenes doing extraordinary things for our community: in our schools and sporting clubs, caring for our environment or in the service of others, often ... More

North Sydney Christmas Card Competition

The North Sydney school Christmas card competition is a great tradition started by my predecessor, Joe Hockey, which I've been delighted to continue.   This year, the theme was 'What I love about Christmas', and I was overwhelmed with over a thousand inspired drawings—a wonderful insight into those things that ... More

Bondi to Manly Walk

How good is the new Bondi to Manly walk, which is opening shortly? There can be little doubt about the beauty of Sydney's magnificent harbour and the iconic Bondi and Manly beaches. With this in mind, I'm very excited to rise today to speak about the progress of the Bondi to Manly walk, which will be officially ... More