Rotary in our community

  • June 18, 2018

At this time of year, over 1,100 Rotary clubs across Australia are meeting for their annual changeover dinners. It will be a time of camaraderie for members of those clubs but, more importantly, an opportunity to reflect on their achievements over the past year and to install new club presidents and executives for the year ahead.

Rotary is a global movement, and here in Australia some 30,000 people are members. The organisation plays a central role in so many communities across Australia. Rotary members give selflessly to assist other community organisations or to raise funds for great causes.

Most notably, Rotary has led the way in its global campaign to end the prevalence of that awful disease polio, and achievement of that goal is now in sight. As a member of Rotary for many years and a former club president, and now as an MP, I see the role of Rotary in our community time and time again.

I therefore want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to those club presidents and all their executives who are completing their term in my electorate, including presidents Peggy Yu from Chatswood; Carl Heath from Chatswood International; Andrew Chew from Chatswood Sunrise; Alon Beran from Crows Nest; Roger O’Dwyer from Hunters Hill; Harry Clarsen from Lane Cove; Silvio Gmur from North Sydney; Iain Clark from my own club, North Sydney Sunrise; and Derek Matz from Northbridge.

They can all be proud of their achievements and that of their clubs over the last 12 months. I know so many in the community are grateful for their support. Well done to them all.