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Hunters Hill Probus Club

Across Australia and New Zealand Probus clubs provide fun, friendship, and fellowship to over 125,000 retirees who look to progress healthy minds and healthy bodies though social interaction and activities with other retirees. In my time as member for North Sydney I have seen the important role Probus Clubs play and to ... More

Electric Vehicles

Australia and the world's commitment to respond to climate change is leading to incredible changes in technology, showing our ingenuity and demonstrating the role new technology will play. We are seeing this most dramatically in the energy sector, with renewable sources having so quickly become the most cost-effective ... More

Government Support for Recycling

I am pleased to move this motion which recognises the work of the Morrison government to transform the way in which Australia manages its waste stream. The government has set ambitious goals for Australia to take responsibility for our waste, to reduce plastic in our oceans and to support recycling. We are backing these ... More

The Weekly Times

The backbone of a strong community is often the role played by our local newspapers. They bring us together, keep us informed about local issues and events and showcase those making a contribution to our communities. At a time when we have seen many of those local newspapers close or move entirely online, I want to speak ... More


Myanmar is an incredible country with resilient people. It's a land of ancient heritage, as places like Bagan and the temples of Mandalay remind us. Yet it is also an incredibly young population. I've had the opportunity to visit Myanmar twice in my life. In 2017 I visited as part of a Save the Children delegation. We saw ... More

Australia’s First COVID Vaccination

Well, imagine telling anyone in December 2019 that they would be spending the following 12 months in their pyjamas working from home. Imagine telling anyone in December 2019 that terms like isolation, social distancing and toilet paper wars would dominate our social media feeds, or that we would end 2020 wearing surgical ... More

Report on Feral Cats

This report is arguably one of the most important reports that has been prepared by the environment and energy committee because it addresses what is one of the most significant environmental threats to Australia's environment and to our wildlife—that is, the impact of feral cats, and cats more broadly as well. It cannot ... More

Hotel Quarantine

The first weeks of 2021 have been a roller-coaster ride for those Australians who are overseas and seeking to return to our shores. We have seen caps reduced and then increased again, and the confusion caused by the decisions of individual airlines. Australians from my electorate living overseas have frequently asked for ... More

The COVID Economy

I want to start by acknowledging the member for Dunkley for moving this motion today on COVID-19 and the economy. The thing we can agree on in relation to the motion is the importance of remembering that the wellbeing of a nation and its people is a lot more than economic statistics—a concept the Deputy Speaker might ... More