Plea for the Victorian Government to Allow International Flights

This week Melburnians have celebrated being able to leave their homes, yet there are still thousands of Victorians stuck overseas trying to actually get home. In fact, something like 8,000 Victorians are overseas wanting to return to Australia, and over 1,500 of these are vulnerable. I raise this issue because all of us ... More

Constituency Statement: Supporting the Arts During COVID-19

The arts, entertainment and creative sectors play a central role in our society and reflect who we are as individuals and as a nation. I am passionate about the role of the arts and am inspired by the creative talent that we have in our country. I see this across Sydney, undoubtedly the cultural capital of Australia, and ... More

Constituency Statement: Coronavirus Scams

The current coronavirus crisis has shown Australians at their very best. Yet, disgustingly, there some out there, both from here and abroad, who are seeking to make financial gain off those who are anxious and vulnerable. This is a time when many are fearful for their health and safety and that of their families, but we ... More

Constituency Statement: Condemning Racism during COVID-19

During the course of the current COVID-19 crisis, we have seen our community step up and play its part in suppressing the spread of the virus. There is no better demonstration of this than the actions of the Australian Chinese community, be it in my own electorate or elsewhere across the nation. The Prime Minister has ... More