Constituency Statement: Northbridge Football Club Initiative

  • September 1, 2020

I rise to draw members’ attention to a wonderful initiative, which has been sponsored by Northbridge Football Club, in my electorate, to promote the role of community sport in the protection of our environment. The Sustainable Sports Program at Northbridge has been led by two determined and passionate mums at the club, Linda Curtis and Liz Courtney.

With a grant from the federal government, Linda and Liz have started piloting the program, which they hope will become a wider effort to promote sustainability, reduce the carbon footprint of sporting clubs and create awareness among young people—and maybe among some of their parents as well! When I attended the launch of the program a few weeks ago I was really thrilled to be able to meet with some of the program’s inaugural youth ambassadors, who are an impressive group of young Australians. They are people like Sophia Skaparis, who was also Australian Geographic’s 2018 Young Conservationist of the Year.

The Sustainable Sports Program is based on activities from a grassroots level, which exemplifies the power of the community coming together to encourage sustainable practices. The program has already implemented an audit system at the Northbridge club’s canteen, with a drive to use keep cups, reusable water bottles and a free refill water station as well as have rubbish clean-up days and second-hand soccer gear donation drives. The breadth of their ambition to involve community sport is only matched by their enthusiasm, and I am pleased that my electorate is the starting line for what I am sure will become a national success.