COVID-19: Vaccination

  • August 10, 2021

The COVID pandemic has thrust Australians into the most difficult of circumstances in living memory. It is in these times that the very best of human nature is so often on display. This is perhaps best epitomised by the monumental effort being undertaken by our local GPs and pharmacies.

It has been inspiring to see the dedicated work of our GPs, who have been vital in administering the vaccine to the public. The selflessness of all the staff and doctors in our GP clinics throughout this pandemic has been just so important. Local pharmacies have also come online to support the vaccine rollout.

In my electorate dozens of chemists are now offering the vaccine and more will join the program in coming weeks. This has significantly boosted the availability of AstraZeneca. I am so grateful to the many GPs and pharmacies across my electorate that have supported the vaccine rollout to keep our community safe from this insidious virus. To all North Shore residents, thank you for the vital role you are playing. I know this task has taken its toll at times, but we are so grateful to each and every one of you for all you have done for our community.

Finally, I want to thank residents in my electorate who have embraced the importance of the vaccine program. Data released this week shows that the northern Sydney region has the highest vaccination rate in the country at 58 per cent for first doses and 32 for full vaccination. Vaccinations do work. They are saving lives and they’re helping to keep us safe. I want to urge all residents not yet getting the jab to make their appointment to help protect them, their families and our community.