Hunters Hill Probus Club

  • March 17, 2021

Across Australia and New Zealand Probus clubs provide fun, friendship, and fellowship to over 125,000 retirees who look to progress healthy minds and healthy bodies though social interaction and activities with other retirees.

In my time as member for North Sydney I have seen the important role Probus Clubs play and to see so many of our community’s retirees come together, make new friends, listen to wonderful guest speakers, and to stay active is just so encouraging.

Late last year, it was in fact a Lane Cove Probus picnic that become one of the first community events I was able to attend after all those months of COVID restrictions.

But many people wouldn’t be aware that the very first Probus Club in Australia can be found in my own electorate in Hunters Hill.  Celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, the Hunters Hill Probus Club initially started off with an annual membership fee of $1 and has prospered ever since!  Meeting monthly, the Hunters Hill Probus Club has speakers from all walks of like, regularly holds events such as barbeques, lunches, visiting galleries, museums, and theatres, and travelling across Australia to explore this great country.  I understand they have even been as far as Turkey.

It has a very active Committee led by Club President, Jim Likidis, and I know they are all dedicated to the Club’s success.

Probus is a great organisation and I encourage retirees living in the area to think about joining – I am sure you won’t regret it.

I want to wish the Hunters Hill Probus Club a very happy 45th birthday and many years of success ahead.