Lane Cove Village Fair & Tribute to local Rotary clubs

  • October 13, 2016

Mr Deputy Speaker,

Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of attending the Lane Cove Village Fair in my electorate.

This is a major annual event which attracts thousands of people from the lower north shore to come together to reinforce and reflect on the incredible sense of community in the Lane Cove municipality.

In fact there was something like one hundred stalls representing community groups and local businesses and 22,000 people who attended on what was a glorious spring day in Sydney.

The event is organised by Lane Cove Rotary in conjunction with the Lane Cove Council.

I want to pay tribute to the Mayor of Lane Cove Deborah Hutchens and all her team for the support they give to Rotary.

But I particularly want to congratulate the Lane Cove Rotary on the outstanding job they do in organising such a major event in our community.

And I should acknowledge the joint Presidents of Lane Cove Rotary Tania Mace and Margaret Silink for their extraordinary leadership in organising events such as this.

For me it reflects the best of rotary which is an organisation that I’ve bene proud to be a part of for many years including for the last 12 months as President of my own local rotary club.

In my own electorate we have 10 Rotary Clubs, all of them have a unique character, but they’re all united by the spirit of service that reflects rotary’s history of the last one hundred and ten years.

I commend Rotary as an organisation, that plays such a vital role in supporting our community, and I encourage residents in my own electorate to get involved in an organisation that is about serving others.