Longueville Tennis Club

  • October 19, 2021

This year marks the 100th anniversary of one of Australia’s oldest tennis clubs—the Longueville Tennis Club, in my electorate. Like with many things, COVID has impacted its planned celebrations, but I am pleased that it has still been able to release a fascinating history of the club. The idea of a tennis club in Longueville was first proposed in 1920 by locals who were eager to have tennis courts in their area, particularly for young people in the community. A group of residents discussed this and together donated 500 pounds towards building the courts. It is now a much-loved part of Longueville and the broader Lane Cove community.

The written history of the club contains some wonderful anecdotes. There were debates in the early years about whether it would be appropriate for men to play in shorts rather than long pants, and about a thing I’d never thought about—the serious impact of World War II, which saw a nationwide shortage of tennis balls as manufacturing was diverted to the war effort.

The Longueville Tennis Club has been supported by phenomenal volunteers. I thank the current executive, led by President Margaret Bisley, and particularly Christine Butters for her work as the chair of their centenary commitment. Its success is measured by the fact that its membership has been growing in recent years, and I note its life members include tennis legend Geoff Pollard. I extend my warmest congratulations to the Longueville Tennis Club. Your club has stood the test of time, outlasting even a pandemic. I wish you every success for the centenary and for the 100 years to come.