Rotary Club of North Sydney – 90th Anniversary

  • August 16, 2018

Mr Deputy Speaker

This week the Rotary Club of North Sydney celebrates an incredible milestone, its 90th anniversary. The club was chartered on 16 August 1928, and on Thursday night it will mark its nine decades of achievement. The Rotary Club of North Sydney has been an incredible part of our local community and one of the strongest clubs in the Rotary movement.

Over the years it has been involved in hundreds of projects—too many to mention in their entirety today, but, to give a glimpse: the club has provided for the needy during the Great Depression, assisted those who suffered during World War II, run a program to take disadvantaged children to Sydney’s Luna Park during the 1950s and ’60s, organised a major air show in 1969 to raise funds for local charities, funded 40 water wells in India, provided training for Timor-Leste teachers, donated minibuses for local community and health centres, managed the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal in North Sydney, contributed to Rotary International’s incredible work to eliminate polio globally, and during its life has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities both in Australia and overseas.

I was proud to be a member of North Sydney Rotary for several years after being recruited by the legendary Jenny Thomas in 2007. While I jumped ship to the North Sydney Sunrise club, I know that the club continues to be a vibrant force within Rotary.

I extend my best wishes to the current president, Ross Waugh, and wish them well for what will be a worthy celebration on Thursday night. I hope they’ll have a drink for me!