Vote YES – let’s get this done so we can all move forward

  • September 13, 2017

It is important all Australians participate in the postal survey on marriage equality and I encourage voters to complete and post back the survey form as soon as they receive it so their views are counted.

If the majority of Australians vote yes, the law will change by Christmas.

I will be voting yes because the relationships of all Australians should be treated equally and fairly before the law.

I will be voting yes because I want every person born in our great nation to know they will be able to marry the person they love.

So I want to say today to my fellow Australians that if you think that the love and commitment of your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and neighbours, work colleagues and team mates should be treated equally, then join me in voting yes.

Marriage equality requires a change to the law. But its more than that – it’s about very personal Australian stories.

Like my 97 year constituent in Greenwich who was born when homosexuality was still considered a crime and who so desperately wants the affirmation that will come when he can marry his partner before family and friends.

Or the dad in Lane Cove who wants to give his daughter the wedding he has given to his other children.

Or the young gay man in Cammeray who simply wants the same opportunities as his mates.

I will be voting yes for these Australians and so many others.

We are a nation that prides itself on fairness and equality.

Our laws should reflect these values of which we are rightly proud.

This can be a unifying moment for our nation – as our friends in other democracies like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada have already shown.

So let’s get this done so we can all move forward.